AI/ML technology is often utilized by highly sophisticated institutions for managing investment, wealth, and risks today. Financial markets generate enormous amount of data every second: high frequency market data, news flows, investor sentiment, Wall Street expectations, social media…. you name it. Building an infrastructure to handle such an ocean of data in order to generate meaningful insights for making informed investment decisions requires capital, skills, and previous experience. Most individuals and small hedge funds find that a lack of such skills is a significant barrier that keeps them from accessing opportunities to use ML/AI. As a result, wealth gaps are occurring between those with access to ML/AI and those without access and those gaps are ever increasing in America.

Ailares’ mission is to simplify the entire process by creating highly automated ML/AI platforms with broad access. The platform is designed to provide ordinary individuals with a direct access to highly sophisticated AI/ML based investment strategies and products. This is the only the beginning of Ailares’ journey to democratize investment opportunities for individual investors and small hedge funds.

The Ailares platform streamlines the entire investment process for security analytics, portfolio analytics, portfolio constructions, portfolio management, risk management, trading executions, and client reporting. Our investment universe covers equities, derivatives, forex, futures, metals, commodities, and crypto. Our platform is accessible by high net worth individuals (per to SEC regulations) for actively managing their investment and portfolios

We believe that while machines cannot replace human on all tasks, a machine is far superior to human beings with respect to mining data, identifying patterns and fast execution of trades. This is because no human being can synchronize more than 4 dimensions of information while machine is able to interpret high dimensional information to an extreme that humans can never imagine. Furthermore, a machine is emotionless and thus can excel at trading, especially during the market turmoil while most human traders would be struggling as a result of fighting against their impulsive nature and fears.

Ailares platform supports both equity and digital assets.