Ailares has developed a highly automated platform that produces a list of US stock tickers to be bought and sold short each day. The system generates the buy/sell list and immediately executes an optimized trading position in the market via computer API instructions

Current Ailares equity trading models are all designed to provide a balanced set of long and short positions with a net exposure of near zero to the overall stock market. All positions are liquidated by the end of each trading day and only cash balances are held overnight (where they are invested in money market funds).

All Ailares models are built using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning codes that develop insights based on cleansed data that goes back as far as 2008. All models are built using the historical minute by minute trading data of publicly traded stocks without allowing the model to “peek” into the future. Models that are successful at generating a high annualize return with a max drawdown of less than 8% and a Sharpe ratio in excess of 2 are allowed to advance to be included for executing real trades

Below is an example of the performance of the model in prior years based upon our backtesting. If you are interested in learning more about our product, please contact us.